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The process works very simply. This is all that you need to do:

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As you can see, everything works flawlessly. Communicate immediately in case you face challenges.

How Long Does It Take Before Work Is Assigned?

This is the question we often get writers asking when they come to us for the first time. “Can I be assigned as soon as I pass the grammar test?” Sure, this is the major aim with which our company operates for many years – to help writers work at their own convenience.

How to Rise up the Ranks

For some writers, it’s effortless to complete a college essay. They are naturally talented in writing and can accomplish the task within hours. However, for others, it sometimes takes the world to make words line up in sentences the way they want. To which category do you belong? Even if you are a natural writer, some life situations may disturb you from composing a custom essay in time. 

  • Privacy and confidentiality. To save our clients from expulsion or retaking of the assignment, we always keep all client details private.
  • Paper authenticity. Plagiarized, non-authentic papers receive failing grades and result in a severe deterioration of our clients’ course grades. The stakes are too high for our writers to risk using plagiarized parts assignments, so invest much time and effort into writing all essays from scratch. As a result, you always provide a unique product with properly referenced sources, which you can submit without any worries about quality.
  • Refund guarantee. We invest much time into ensuring that our writer team is the best, but emergencies may happen, and clients may petition for a refund in such cases. In a situation when the order dissatisfies a client completely, or it is badly delayed, they always have the right to claim funds back.
  • Best salary guarantee. We constantly monitor the pricing for academic writing services to make our service competitive for writers. The reason behind this is to make the service reasonably priced not to underestimate the writers’ work. Thus, here you may be sure about paying precisely what your order is worth.